American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hyigene 2023 Annual Meeting

(part of a series)

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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AEGIS presentations at ASTMH 2023 Annual Meeting include:


Session 42 - Spatial Repellents to Prevent Mosquito-Borne Disease: Active Compound Discovery and Entomological Studies – Thursday, Oct 19 at 3:10 PM

· Nicole Achee, UND - Spatial repellent history, active ingredients in use today, and research priorities


Session 47 – Enhancing Development and Evaluation of New Vector Control Technologies through Social and Behavioral Research: Insights from Spatial Repellent, Endectocide, and New Net Trials – Thursday, Oct 19 at 5:15 PM

· April Monroe, JHU – symposium organizer

· Prisca Oria, KEMRI – AEGIS Kenya Social Science: Rationale, Methods, Interim Results, and Implications

· Kelsey Barrett, Unitaid – Investing in social science research to inform product development and introduction and foster inclusive and demand-driven partnerships for innovation


Poster Session 73 – Thursday, Oct 19 at 12 PM

· Jane Ikapesi, KEMRI - Stakeholder perspectives on incorporating a new vector control tool into the Kenya national malaria vector control policy

· Moureen Ekisa, KEMRI - Free-listing of mosquito control strategies in Busia County, western Kenya