Alex Perkins

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Lead Modeler

Dr. Perkins, Associate Professor, is in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Notre Dame. His research applies mathematical, computational, and statistical approaches to answer basic and applied research questions about the ecology and epidemiology of infectious diseases. This work focuses primarily on mosquito-borne diseases of humans. These diseases pose a risk to billions of people, are the subject of intense development of new interventions, and are highly sensitive to numerous forms of global change. Accordingly, the goal of the research is to attain a predictive understanding of where and when these diseases occur, what the impact of interventions will be in curtailing their burden, and how the distribution of these diseases and their response to interventions will change over time as a result of changes in their underlying drivers. Through this research, his lab hopes to elevate the rigor of the information on which decision makers act, both in terms of accuracy and quantification of uncertainty.